Our API interface is used to integrate SendPulse’s distribution service capabilities with client’s personal projects.

The API is designed for developers and is accompanied with a detailed documentation.



SendPulse’s REST API service works over the HTTP protocol and is essentially a set of methods that are used to perform requests and receive responses for each operation.

All answers return in the form of JSON structures.

Rate limit is 10 requests per second.


SendPulse API wrappers

The latest versions of SendPulse API wrappers are available at GitHub.


Main URL

All references to API requests in this document include the compulsory basic URL:



The authorization process is only possible when preceded by a private key, which, in future, should be referenced in each request to the API.

The necessary parameters to obtain the key can be found in the private account settings page found on the following URL in the API tab.

The following parameters are used:

grant_type has to be equal to client_credentials
client_id your ID (API)
client_secret your secret (API)

To get the key you have to send a POST request to:

A sample response:The resulting key is valid for 1 hour and does not require additional requests with each operation. Before the key expires you will need to send a request for a new one.

  "access_token": "tf4Si1LydYpTAPyHXUgjig72jlrd5HpIJL5oigmc",
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "expires_in": 3600

A sample key:

Authorization: Bearer tf4Si1LydYpTAPyHXUgjig72jlrd5HpIJL5oigmc


Error codes and description

Error code Description
8 No data
10 Sender email address missing
11 Can’t find recipients addresses
13 Empty email message content field
14 Can’t find email address with a specified ID
17 Can’t find email address
19 Email address already exists
20 Don't use free mail services
21 No such email address awaiting activation
97 Invalid email address type. Don't use free mail services
201 Empty mailing list name
203 This mailing list name already exists
213 Mailing list not found
303 Can’t find email addresses in the mailing list
400 Specified SMTP user doesn’t exist. Create an SMTP account
502 Can’t find email address
602 Can’t find campaign. Probably, it has already been sent
701 Sender email (address) or name not specified
703 Can’t find mailing list
704 Can’t find sender
707 Account balance exceeded
711 Wait 15 minutes before sending to the same list again
720 Empty subject field
721 Email message empty
722 Mailing list ID not specified
799 Incorrect date format. Use YYYY-MM-DD hh:ii:ss that equals or is more than current date
800 Invalid operation
802 Campaign not found
901 Sender name not specified
902 Selected email address already in use
903 Sender email address not specified
904 Email address blacklisted
905 Sender address quota reached
906 Email address syntax error
1101 Email address not specified
1003 Specified sender doesn’t exist
1004 Activation code has been sent. Wait 15 minutes to retry
1005 Error sending confirmation
1104 Activation code not specified